May I have your attention please?

I feel bad about being away from this blog for so long. I didn’t really have the time and energy work, but keeping this blog rolling is one of my goals to achieve. That’s why I decided to finally start the series I had been thinking about for a long time now. And it’s gonna be called Let’s talk about..

What is Let’s talk about..?

Well as the title says I wanna talk about different subjects. Like about my favourite book, a recent book I read, favourite author and bla bla I guess you get what I’m gonna post about.

When are you gonna post?

On the first of every month you can expect a new post. If not.. shame on me. But in that case you can expect a new post a few days after that.

Can I participate?

Of course. And it’s highly encouraged. Feel free to leave a comment. Or maybe you want to write your own post in response. Please do so and link me in it. I’d love to read from you guys.


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