.. the first book you read.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I still remember how I get the book. It was Christmas and I think I was 10 or 11 years old then. My sisters and me weren’t allowed to go into our living room because our parents were hanging up the last ornaments on the tree and put our presents under it. Once we were allowed in and had our Christmas dinner it was time for the presents.

And there it was. Waiting for me under our Christmas tree.

I had heard about it first because a good friend had told me about it. She had already read the book and loved it. Trusting my friend I was beyond excited when I saw it in my hands. Did I try to sneak away to read it in my room? Of course. Did my parents find me? Yeah.. I was only a few pages in when my dad came into the room because he had been looking for me and asked me to go back to the living room.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect Potterhead story?

Well shame on me then, because I don’t remember if I misplaced it or I don’t know what. I probably put it on the little shelf over my bed thinking “I’m gonna read it soon” and then somehow forgot it. That’s something I do a lot.. Anyway, end of the story, I didn’t read it until months later.

But when I finally read it.. WOOAAH.

I loved the magic. I loved the castle. I loved the train. I loved Harry. I loved Ron. I loved Hermione. I loved Hagrid. I loved Norbert. Before I’m gonna with a bottomless list of things I loved about it I should keep it simple. I loved every damn thing about it. I actually loved it so much I wouldn’t shut up about it. I must have annoyed my older sister so much she gave me her book. She had gotten Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for Christmas and didn’t like it at all. And this time I didn’t waste any time.

Harry Potter opened a whole world of books for me. From then on I read every book that fell into my hands. The rest of the series. All sorts of adventure books. Books with horses. Books with cats. Any detective series for kids. Fear street. When I first got my member card for our library I was so happy. I had access to a neverending supply of books. At least every other week I was there and got me new books. When I had read every book in the kids section and I just started to pick books from other sections, starting with fantasy, but also several books from the mystery and crime section.

When I got my first job (I was working at a cafe in my hometown on the weekends for a few hours a day) I visited the library less and less. But only because I was now able to buy all the books I wanted to read myself. And now that I’m working in a bookshop I even get paid for reading books.

Long story short, Harry Potter is the reason I got hooked to reading, admiring and collectiong books. And brought me to where I am right now in my life.

So yeah, that’s the story of me and my first book. What was your first book? How did you got to it? Did you like it? Let me know your stories by leaving a comment down below or maybe you want to make your own post.

xoxo Jas


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