Between the lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer

(German Cover)

Prince Oliver has never been brave, and yet he is supposed to go and save the princess. On his quest he has to outsmart mermaids, escape from scary pirates and fight the monstrous dragon Pyro. In the end he finds his courage and saves his princess. What a fairy tale-like Happy-End. Right?

But not for Oliver. He is sick of playing the same story all over again. He just wants to live a normal life. A life far away from mermaids, dragons and evil wizards.There’s only one problem. Oliver is trapped inside a fairy tale, a book called Between the lines.

And then, on the other side of the pages, there is Delilah. She wants to get as far away from her normal life as she possibly can and escapes into a fairy tale. But not just any fairytale. Oliver’s fairy tale. She had found it somewhere in the back of the school library and lost her heart to it. For hours she sat over the opened book, reading the story over and over again until she knew the words by heart. Oh if Oliver only were real. But wait, he is.

Oliver fell in love with the girl on the other side, just as Delilah fell in love with the boy on the pages. But how is she supposed to get him OUT of the book?

After several attempts, both creative and reckless, failed there is only one way for Delilah. She has to find the author and ask her to change the story. Only then she would be able to get Oliver out of the book and into her life.

Firstly, I loved the idea behind it. Who didn’t wish for their favourite book characters to be real. How it would be if they lived in our world. Or just simply to talk to them. However, the thought that characters had their own life once the book was closed fascinated me the most, being so completely different from the person they play in the book.

The story quickly had me under its spell, only occasinally I put that book down. Merely to eat and sleep. I loved how the original fairy tale was included in this book. We don’t get to read the whole thing (tho I’d love to), but from Oliver’s word we can pretty much figure it out. I also loved how they used different colours and fonts for Delilah’s and Oliver’s view. Just like for the fairy tale and the narrator. And don’t even get me started on the illustrations.

I also loved how Oliver wanted to be more than just a character in a book. He wanted to be extraordinary. He wanted to change something, make a difference. While on the other side Delilah couldn’t be normal enough. She feels like she doesn’t really fit anywhere, besides her world of books.

Alltogether, it’s an exciting story with some twists and an unexpected end. If you love romancic YA novels this is your book!

My rating: ★★★★


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