.. an author you met.


Eoin Colfer.

tzrewrxctfvgbhklVisiting the MediaCampus Frankfurt put me in a very fortunate situation – one or two readings a week.

There were young authors who had just started their writing career. And authors who had been in the business for many years. I met Fantasy authors, just like authors of children’s books, fiction and non-fiction.

But there was no one who fascinated me more than him – Eoin Colfer.

His reading was a huge surprise for us because it wasn’t scheduled. He was on a reading tour and the publisher asked if we were interested in him coming to our school. And of course we were excited to see him.

indexSo a few days later we sat in the little lounge waiting for him. His “german voice” Rainer Strecker was accompanying him. After one of our teacher held a little welcome speech it was Mr. Colfer’s turn. He talked a bit about himself, how he had started writing from a very young age and always wanted to become an author. Later he would become a teacher instead but never really give up this dream. Until he got his chance and took a time-out from being a teacher to write. And look where he is now.

Then they both would read from the book W.A.R.P., the book Colfer was promoting on his reading tour. They would both read a bit out of the book. As much as I loved Colfer’s irish accent when he was reading I was enchanted by Rainer Strecker reading a longer section of the book.Gosh he was so good. It was such a thrill to listen to him. Now back to the actual topic.

I admire Eoin Colfer. He was such an inspiring and fun person to listen to.  That day he taught us to never give up on your dreams. If you really want it – make it happen. You have to work hard and as pointless as it may look never give up. But not only his words had fascinated me. He was so charming and lovely. I could have listened to him for hours.

Have you guys met an author? Or is there an author you want to meet some day? 


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