Day 7: A book you love and hate at the same time


^^ the whole series ^^

God how I love this series. But I also hate how hooked I am to it. I didn’t like Evie at first but eventually I grew to like her. Not like super like her but I tolerate her. And then there is Jack. He’s freaking hot, he rides a motorcycle and god have I mentioned he’s hot? Anyway when the world ends Evie and Jack meet again. After Evie’s mom died Jack helped her escape and keeps her safe, of course Jack and Evie fall in love with each other but none of them want to admit (IDIOTS >-< ). Anyway Evie learns that she is an Arcana, someone with special powers, they meet Luna who tries to seduce Jack, they meet more Arcana who aren’t very nice and of course Death (who is also very hot btw). End of the first three books: Evie needs to decide whether she loves Jack or Death and Jack gets blown up.



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