Day 8: A book series you wish would just end already

20160724_104123^^ Again the Poison Princess series ^^

I don’t mean in a bad way but more in a god-i-can’t-wait-for-the-next-book-to-come-out-already-why-is-she-taking-so-long-to-write-this-damn-series way. I love and hate this series (there’ll be another post about this haha) and just want it to continue. But Kresley Cole decided to continue her other series first and argh I NEED NEW BOOKS. At leaste we’ve got the title of two new books for this series, tho only one of it will continue where we left in Book 3 (I NEED TO KNOW WHATS HAPPENING NOW THE END WAS NOT SATISFYING AT ALL) and the other one tells the stories of the other Arcana when the apocalypse happened.

Kresley Cole, if you read this, I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE. I NEED MOREEEEE!!!!!



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