Day 12: Favourite side character

The skull from Lockwood & Co

I love everything about the books. Lockwood, George and Lucy. I love the constant teasing between Lockwood and Kipps. I love the ghost aspect. I love that only kids and teens can do it. Just everything.

But most of all I love the skull.

Story time: The skull, a Type Three Ghost trapped in a glass jar, used to be a possession of Fittes Agency. I said used, because George Cubbins, lovely George Cubbins, stole it from them after they fired him from their agency. And George wouldn’t be George if he hadn’t used the ghost inside his jar for some experiments of his own. Torturous experiments if you want so (aka he put him in the oven on full heat and all that sort of stuff). The ghost didn’t react to any of this, but it did react to Lucy on the last page of the first book, leaving us with a massive cliffhanger.

In the following books the skull provides the group with helpful information. Well at least sometimes. But it also has the habit of being perverse, revealing dangerous secrets, and suggesting murder as a solution to problems.

Who wouldn’t love a ghost like that?


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