Day 14: Favourite Fantasy book

rabenzauber-9783453523159_xxl.jpgRaven’s Shadow and Raven’s Strike

Funny enough the german book combined both books of this duology instead of splitting it into 4 book. (The german version of A Song of Ice and Fire has 10 books like wtf?)

Anyway.. I think I read this book when I was in 5th or 6th grade. Honestly I remember only little about it. But what I remember is this, there are Seraph and Tier. Seraph is a traveller and has magical power. Tier is a warrior and protector of Seraph. They later have three kids, all with magical power like their mother. After defeating something dark in the woods surrounding their home Seraph wants to go back to the place where her kind is coming from. They do get back, but the city is empty. No one had been living ther for ages. And at night the city is haunted by the ghosts of them who used to live there. Seraph and her family can find shelter in an old house and thanks to Tiers unknown powers they survive the night.

This was the first High Fantasy book I read, a long time before I read Lord of the Rings, and sometimes I still remember parts of it. And just thinking about it makes me want to read it again :3


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