Day 26: Your favourite genre

YA and Fantasy

What I love about YA: the diversity. YA is not a genre. I doesn’t really matter what kind of books you are into, crime, romance, dystopian, etc., you’ll find it. They will give you all sorts of feels. You will cry, laugh. You’ll get goosebumps and the widest smiles while reading. Also the characters are pretty damn relatable.

And Fantasy..  I don’t mind reading books that take place in our reality, but I mainly read to escape it and then I don’t really need to read more about it. So getting to bury myself in a book and explore a completely new world is just amazing.   Of course there is a big variety in Fantasy as well. But there are so many more subgenres to it. There is Urban Fantasy, Historial Fantasy, Steampunk, Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal and I guess I could go on for a few minutes..

But preferably the combination of both.


What genre/s do you like to read?


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