.. reading or listening?


To me this question is simple. Reading.

Why? Well, where do I start..

I guess the main reason is I never gave a second thought about audio-books when I was younger. Whenever I went to our local library I went straight to the Youth Section to look for my next books to read. Could I have gone to the Media Room? Well, yeah I guess. But somehow I never went there. Don’t ask me why bc that was the room right next to Youth Section. And I guess I just kept it like that for years. Well until I finished school and started working.

After I started my current job some of my colleagues had been telling me how they were listening to audio-books while doing simple chores. It was saving them time in their busy lives. Since I spent the first 6 months in the Youth Section I borrowed a few audio-books from them. Maybe I picked the wrong ones or was just not ready for audio-books, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as reading a book. The voices were uninflected and made it hard to follow the story. And others were so hight-pitched you couldn’t listen to them for too long. If I had to concentrate so much on every spoken word, then I can also read the book.

Have I given up audio-books completely?

No. I have actually found one I like a lot better than reading the actual books. The Känguru-Chroniken (or Kangaroo-Chronicles). I think I have talked about it shortly in my August Challenge. It’s about an artist sharing a flat with a kangaroo and is some sort of autobiography. Why I like the audio-books so much? The author himself reads them and it’s simply hilarious.

After that I haven’t found another audio-book I enjoyed so much. Maybe you guys have some recommendations.

What do you prefer? Do you rather read books or listen to the audio-book? Is there an audio-book you love? Is there a narrator you prefer?


3 thoughts on “.. reading or listening?

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  1. I like using Audio books for re-reads or if the book I’m reading is getting boring or slow and I can’t be bothered continuing the audiobook usually gets me through the slow parts and then I can pick up the book again 🙂

    Some narration is horrible I always listen to the sample first in case the actors voice is bad. I haven’t listened an auto biography yet but I think I’d really enjoy hearing it in the persons voice. 🙂

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