.. the best book to get you into autumn mood with a cup of tea/hot chocolate, blanket and the sound of the rain on your window.


Hot chocolate? – Check.

Cosy blanket? – Check.

Rain on the window? – Check. At least sometimes.

A good book? – … okay um.. Which do I pick?

If you look around my room you might notice I have a “little” book problem. I have books everywhere, like literally everywhere, and all of them get me in some sort of mood I guess. But there is only one book I’d like to snuggle up with in my favourite blanket and slurp a cup of hot chocolate, and this is

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I guess my choice isn’t that much of a surprise, because I loove the Harry Potter series more than it’s good for me. Anyway..

Why this book?

Honestly.. I’m not entirely sure.But if I had to guess I’d say that one of the reason why is that I got this book for Christmas. I know, I know Christmas is in winter and not autumn, but to be honest, winter here looks a lot like autumn so w/e.

And another reason is the story itself I guess. Not the whole story of course. But there are two scenes that warm my heart and make me wish I was sitting at home in front of a big window, tightly wrapped in my blanket and with a BIG cup of hot chocolate. One of these scenes is Halloween in Hogwarts.

I guess we all remember the scene at the feast, when Quirrell stormed into the Great Hall screaming about a troll in the dungeons and fainted. It is later than that the friendship between our beloved favourite trio sparks. From then on it’s just pure magic.

The other scene is Christmas at Hogwarts. Aaand it’s christmassy again.. Let’s again ignore the season. It’s in that moment when Harry leaves the dorm room to look for Ron, who is already down in the common room, that I wish I was back at the Halloween-Window from above with an even bigger cup of chocolate.

So in conclusion,this book really gets me into a “I wanna be left alone and sit by a window while it’s raining outside”-mood. AND I want a cup of hot chocolate.

But honestly, who wouldn’t love to snuggle up with a hot chocolate when you have this lovely illustrated copy to read?


What book(s) get you into autumn mood?


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