Hey everyone!

I feel so sorry for being absent for such a long time. There have been quite a few things going in my life that made me pause the blog for a while. But I’m gonna be back soon.

Round 2 of our Youth Reading Tips

The first big thing that happened was our Round 2 of an event I organized with three of my fellow trainees. Tho all of the others have been on vacation the weeks before I had been left with getting everything done.

But I’ve made it and on the 12th November it was time for Round 2. And this time was so much more fun than last time. The kids have been so responsive and stayed around for a little longer to get to know more about the books we’ve presented, even though it had been a little late.

I’m only a bit sad because this was my last time participating..

My finals are tomorrow

Aaaand that brings me to the second big thing that is happening. I’m writing the second part of my finals tomorrow and spent the last weeks studying for it. I even went back to Frankfurt for the past weekend to meet a friend who’s also having her finals tomorrow.

Despite all the studying I’m so nervous. This will make 70% of my grade for the written part and I need to score a good grade.. Wish me luck?

See you guys soon!

xoxo Jasmin


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