Meet some of my favourites pt. 2

Last month three of my colleagues and I have been organizing Part 2 of an event called Live Reading Tips – Youth Special. We had started this a few months ago because we thought it was finally time that we’d do this for kids and teens and not only for adults.

And earlier this month it was finally time for round two. Since another trainee joined us for this one we agreed on only 3 books per person. Being a little rule-breaker I of course decided I’d talk about two of my favourite series and one of my favourite authors.

Here are my choices 🙂

The Grisha Trilogy

Ravka is split. The Unsea, a dark shadow that inhabits the darkest creatures, has split the country in two. And that’s were the first Army is heading. Being a cartographer Alina is going with them to cross the Unsea. But as the group is crossing the shadow something terrible happens. Maljen, Alina’s best friends gets attacked by one of these dark creatures. When she comes to his aid a bright light cuts through the shadow. What follows next is even more unbelievable for Alina. She is a Grisha. And not just any but the sun summoner. She is supposed to bring peace to Ravka. But can she really trust the people at the Little Palace?

Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park

This is probably the most intense love story I have read in ages. When Eleanor and Park meet for the first time on the school bus they are everything but charmed by each other. Both think the other one is weird, but soon they exchange their favourite comics and books, favourite songs and cassettes, likes and dislikes. But falling in love with each other? No way. But whatever is blossoming between the two teenagers is the most intense they ever felt.


Ever since they were born Cath and Wren had been inseparable. But when it’s time to go to university Wren doesn’t want to be part of their duo anymore. She wants to go out, party and make new friends. Now all on her own Cath doesn’t really know what to do. She is shy and prefers to spend her time writing fanfiction. But what is she supposed to do when life knocks on her door?

Carry On (Cath’s fanfiction in Fangirl)

Simon is the worst chosen once the world has ever seen, says Baz, Simon’s roommate. Instead of focusing in the task at hand, defeating the evil Humdrum, who sucks the magic out of their world, Simon spends his time guessing what Baz is up to. It also doesn’t help that Simon’s girlfriend just broke up with him, he hasn’t even figured out how to use his wand and his spells go horribly wrong half the time. But Simon can’t avoid his responsibilities forever.

The Poison Princess Series

Everything started with these strange dreams. Each darker than the last one. And soon it’s going to be even worse. A solar storm destroys the world we know and starts a morbid game. The arcana game. 22 teenagers have to fight each other until only one is left. And Evie is one of them. Always by her side, Jack Deveaux. Bad boy with an attitude and a wicked grin. On their quest for answers they meet others with similar abilities as Evie. But who can Evie trust, when it’s not always clear who is on which side?


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