It’s time for some holidays // Places I’d love to visit



That’s pretty obvious isn’t it? But who wouldn’t want to visit Hogwarts at least once – or just move there completely – after reading the Harry Potter series? A never ending supply of food. Cosy common rooms. And a freaking huge library. That’s more than I could ever aks for.

The Shire

There are two places I wanted to be at when I was reading Lord of the rings. One was the Shire. Mainly because I’m at least half hobbit. But also because the landscape is absolutely beautiful.


And the other place is Rivendell. This place .. is stunning. I’d love to take a walk around these halls, wander through the libraries and listen to the elves play music.

Howl’s Castle

Howl’s Castle is my second favourite castle ever. I wanna explore all the secret of the many many rooms in there and explore the world behind the magical door.


I guess this is another obvious choice, but Hogsmeade is amazing. It’s just a short walk away from Hogwarts and there are so many shops I’d looove to pay a visit. I’m probably going to stay way too long in Honeydukes but who wouldn’t haha


I’m pretty sure I would never survive but that wouldn’t keep me from visiting Winterfell.


I love fairy tales and Once Upon a Time, so visiting Storybrooke would be a dream.

Halloween Town

This is Halloween. This is Halloween. What can I say I’m obsessed with Nightmare before Christmas.

the Tardis

What would be better than visiting all of these places? Having a machine that would take you wherever you want to go. Wanna go back to Victorian England? No problem. Wanna visit Gallifrey? You can be there in just a minute. It’s perfect.

Which fictional places would you love to visit? And why?


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