How is 2017 going so far? // Also I’m back

How are you all doing?

After being gone for over two weeks I’m so glad to be back again. I’m slowly adapting to my blogging schedule so please bear with me.

Since it’s March now, why don’t we check up on my Goals for 2017? How has it been going for me?


#1 More time for blogging + #2 So much to read – Working on that one

Well .. I’m not doing very good on that. I had planned to only go on Hiatus until I had passed my oral exam. But instead I just took the following weeks off as well, because if I’m already on a Hiatus I could just focus on myself for the rest of the month and not worry about anything else. Anyway March just started and I’m back 🙂

#3 Love myself more – I’m on a good way

This has been going surprisingly good this far. I have been enjoying myself a lot so far. Doing what makes me feel good, spending quality time with friends. I even went to WWELive in Germany. I can’t wait for the rest of the year.

#4 I’m finishing training – ACCOMPLISHED

Earlier this months – or at the beginning of February if I post this in March – I finished training by passing my oral exam. Being able to work at a bookshop was a dream come true and gosh I can’t believe it’s already over.

#5 Let’s move out – Almost there

A few months from now I’m going to move to the UK for a year. I can’t wait to discover more of this incredible city and even more about myself. To be honest, I’m scared about moving away so far, but this is going to be an important journey for me.

But enough about me, do you have goals for 2017? How are your goals going?


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