.. an author from my country


Germany has brought out quiet a variety of authors. There are Goethe, Michael Ende, Cornelia Funke or Kerstin Gier. So many authors I could have talked about. But I chose someone else. Someone who entertained – and still entertains me a lot whenever I choose to reread his books.

Marc-Uwe Kling

Marc-Uwe Kling is a german songwriter, cabaret artist and author. He has been guest on several Lesebühnen (a weekly or monthly literary event, that always takes place on the same stage; the same group of authors read some of their own, mostly amusing, texts; sometimes guest authors join them) and Poetry Slams in Germany since 2003, winning the german Poetry-Slam-Championship twice in ’06 and ’07.

His first book was published in 2009, collecting all text from his podcast Neues vom Kängeru on Radio Fritz. In 2011 and 2014 the sequels were published.

About The Kangaroo Chronicles: Marc-Uwe is songwriter and cabaret artist. He’s living peacefully in his flat in Berlin when one day there’s a knock on his door. It’s his new neighbour from Australia, a communist kangaroo. After asking for ingredients to make pancakes on their first meeting the kangaroo soon moves in with Marc-Uwe. And so their unlikely story starts! The kangaroo loves Nirvana, champagne truffles and Bud Spencer movies (only the movies without Terence Hill!). It spends its days complaining about capitalism, coming up with new ideas to make money or debating the real questions of life with Marc-Uwe, such as “Is lying in a hammock already a kind of passive resistance?” or “Must the Kangaroo place its pouch onto the conveyor belt at the airport security check?”

So if you ever want to read something funny and german you might want to give this one a go. The first book, The Kangaroo Chronicles, is available in English as eBook.

Who is your favourite author from your country?


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