.. a book I read in school and loved


No more nasty – Amy MacDonald


Simon is 11 years old and can’t believe his eyes when his Auntie Matilda enters his classroom and introduces herself as the new substitute teacher. Of all the people who could have walked into the classroom it had to be his Auntie. His eccentric Auntie with her mismatched shoes, her huge flowered hat and her rude parrot Runcible (who likes the phrase “Shut up” a lot). No one can ever now he is related to her! Soon the class is back in their element – they are known as nightmare of the school for a reason – but Simon’s aunt is tougher than she looks. And before long she has turned the whole school around with her way of teaching and shows Simon’s class that they are smarter than they think they are. Who else created the prize-winning Mighty Muculent Egg-Breaking and Breakfast-Making Morning-Waking Machine?

This book was (and I guess still is) my favourite book I read in school. Although I don’t know whether I read it in 5th or 6th grade, I still remember how we were supposed to be reading this book chapter for chapter in class. Emphasis on “supposed“. The first few chapters I did read in class as we were told to, but soon after I kept reading it at home and just reread the chapters at school. The characters and the story just made me want to keep reading.

Thinking back about it, this book was incredibly encouraging. It showed me/us/its readers that sometimes there are different ways to approach something, that it’s okay to think out of the norm, but most importantly it taught me/us/its readers that it’s okay to stand up for your beliefs.

What books did you read in school? Was there one you liked in particular?



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