“So many books, so little time” // My current tbr-list

to be read

I’m currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. But I will finish this book soon so I looked what is currently on my tbr-list. I have to admit I’m kinda glad I’m not at home right now (there are too many books waiting for me to read them) and only have a few books on my shelf here in London.

So what is on my current tbr-list?

Monster Hunter Alpha

It’s the third book in the beloved Monster Hunter International series and yes I have been halfway through with my german copy, but stupid me thought “No, you can’t take the book with you to London. It’s waaay too big”. Well..so what was I supposed to do when I wanted to do nothing more than continue with the series? I went to my nerd paradise and got me the english copy.

You can find the book here*

Monster Hunter Legion

I don’t know much about this book but the few bits my former colleagues told me about it. There’s a huge monster hunter meeting and some old god is crashing the party. Sounds like fun, right? Well I’m super excited to get more monster-hunting-action.

You can find the book here*

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Could there be a better time to re-read the first Harry Potter book than right now? I don’t think so. And being a Slytherin myself I of course had to get myself the Slytherin Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

You can find the book here*

I included some links in this post and marked them with a ” * “. These links are affiliate links and will lead you to bookdepository.com. By using these links for your next purchase, I will receive a small commission. There are no extra costs for you.

I’m curious, what is your Hogwarts house? And do you own the Edition of your house?

Also what is currently on your tbr-list?


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