The Power by Naomi Alderman // Mini-Review


About the story: Strange things are happening all around the globe. Teenage girls discover they have a Power that hasn’t been there before. A Power with which they can cause immense pain, even death.

We follow the events after the discovery through four different people. There is Tunde – a Nigerian boy who records the current events with his phone, Allie – a foster child who grew up with very religious parents, Margot – the mayor of an American city, and Roxy – a London girl from a rough family.

Through those four characters we experience the world changing. Women are now the stronger gender and are rising to positions of power in several parts of the world. Soon the world becomes an unrecognisable place.

My thoughts: I highly recommend this book to everyone. This book is a brilliant mix of fiction and fact, comparing the made up world of the book and the world we are currently in. The scary thing, both worlds aren’t that different.

Just like The Handmaid’s Tale this book will stay with me, because it will make you reflect on our current world

My Rating: ★★★★★

You can find this book here*

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Are you planning to read The Power? Or have you read it already?

What are your thoughts on it?


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