Book Review: Arcana Rising by Kresley Cole (As spoilerfree as possible)

ArcanaRising REviewBrief summary of Book 1-3:

Me: Evie WTH??!?!

While that’s what I thought most of the time, I’m gonna give you an actual summary of the journey to Book 4.

Evangeline Greene, or just Evie, starts to have very strange, dark and vivid dreams. She’s dreaming of Death, slimy zombie-like figures and a red-haired witch with a love for torture. Who is that boy talking to her about arsenal, foes, obstacles and the field of battle? And why does it seem like plants are reacting to her? On Day Zero she will learn exactly what her dreams and visions were telling her all along.

A solar flare strikes the earth and kills most of mankind. Evie survives but soon has to team up with Jackson Deveaux, a bad boy from her High School. On their journey to find Evie’s last remaining relative, her grandmother, they are faced with some difficult tasks. Soon Evie learns more about her abilities and what it means to be an Arcana. The duo also meets other Arcana. Some friendly, some not. Alliances are made. Goals are set.

Everything seems to change when Death kidnaps Evie. In the time of her captivity Evie learns a few truths that threaten to end the alliances she just made. But when her friends are in danger, she steals away to save them. After an intense showdown with the Twins, the alliances is back together. Everything seems to be good until it all ends with a big BOOM.

Quite literally.

So much for “brief” summary.. But now let’s get to Book 4 – Arcana Rising.

Once again Evie’s world has been turned upside down. Separated from her friends and alliances, she set herself a new goal. Find the Arcana, who attacked her friends and get revenge. But by following her new path she turns more and more toward the darkness inside her.

To find the Emporer, the Arcana responsible for the attack, she has to find Death and find out more about her powers. Back in Death’s safe place Evie learns about her daunting past and her future role in the Arcana game. But will she be able to take on the Emporer with her new powers? And will she be able to find her old alliances?

my thoughts

Finally! I waited for this book for so freaking long. This book was already published last year (yeah I know it’s partly my own fault) but I wanted to wait for the german version to be published until I decided “No. I can’t wait any longer. I need to know” and got myself the eBook.

I vaguely remembered what happened in the first books, I knew some of the important parts but not all, so I thought it would be a good idea to re-read the Books 1-3 first and then get to Book 4. Right decision (Gosh, I forgot so many things). Now that I was back in the story it was finally time to continue with it.

And what a roller coaster it was!

There are so much things happening in this book. We have Evie kicking ass in the beginning of the book. She’s on her own and doesn’t depend on anyone. That way she has to figure out how to survive on her own and I really loved seeing her character grow and develop.

Then there are a few new character introductions and I think Sun is everyone’s favourite.

And then there is this one character. This one character that will leave you with much more questions than they actually answer. There are so many twists in the story involving the story. And god tHESE TWISTS. I would have never expected the story to take the turns it took and it kept me intrigued.

But I didn’t like everything..

One thing that annoyed me a lot was that we are still in the love triangle. Ever since the events in book 3 Evie is standing between Jack and Aric (Jack 5ever!!). Now you could think that this love triangle is finally solved in book 4 because with what happened there should be a decision. But NO. We are still trapped in this love triangle.

At the beginning I said that I loved Evie’s character development. And she did grow as a person, but she still doesn’t have her full powers. HOW?? Whenever Evie has to use her powers she purposely holds herself back, because she doesn’t want to get into full Empress-mode. I get that. But how has she not learned to develop her arsenal yet? How hasn’t she learned to not depend on her emotions to fuel her powers?

To sum my thoughts up, besides its ups and downs I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for Book 5.

Rating: ★★★★


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