.. Goals for 2018


Just like last year I wanted to share my goals with you lovely lot. There are some Bookish and some Non-Bookish Goals I want to achieve this year. And here they are 🙂

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Last sunday was amazing.

A few weeks ago DHL emailed our branches about a giving away 10 x 2 tickets to the Anglo-Welsh Cup game between Harlequins and Worcester Warriors. And guess what?

Two of my colleagues won each 2 tickets.

And guess again who got to go as guest?

This one here.

I have to admit. I’ve never been to a rugby match before and never really cared about it. My heart belongs to football. At least I thought that. The match was super intense and me and my colleagues had super fun supporting Harlequins.

And then another cool thing happened.

About two weeks ago an author contacted me on Goodreads and asked me if I wanted to read his book. His book sounded very interested so I said yes. And the first book arrived that weekend.

I’m super excited to read it and will share my thoughts with you.

Have a great day!

xoxo Jasmin

Let’s have a look into the future! // Where I see myself in 10 years

Can we imagine this scenario for a moment? Let’s say it’s a rainy saturday afternoon. You hadn’t been able to read much over the week and decide now is the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Since you had finished your latest book you needed to find a new one.

So you walk over to your bookshelves to get your next read off your ever-growing TBR pile. While your eyes scan the various titles you mindlessly brush your finger over the spines of the books on the shelves. Until your finger comes to rest on one book in particular. A book you could have sworn you haven’t bought.

Being your curious self you pick the book of your shelf and sit down in you favourite reading spot. You are a little confused when you couldn’t find a title on the spine or the front of the book, but open it anyway.

But even more confusing is the content.

It shows you what your life will be in 10 years.

Happy 2027, everyone

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2017 – The year of me taking breaks

But jokes aside. The next few weeks and months are gonna be pretty special to me. And probably also very hectic and stressful.

Tomorrow, on the 1st June, I will board a plane to London. I’ve been dreaming about this for a while and I can’t believe this is finally going to happen. So while I’m trying to figure everything out and settle down things on here will be put on pause.

I will be a little more active on Facebook, Twitter and Co. so feel free to follow me there.

See you guys soon!

xoxo Jasmin



Happy Birthday I guess? // Meet the Blogger

A few days ago – on the 21st March to be exact – I got a message from WordPress: Happy Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s already a year since I created my blog and joined the wonderful Blogosphere. So for this special occasion I thought I’d do something different.

Meet The Blogger

Have you ever..

ditched school to do something more fun? Only once and I was 21 at that time. So rebellious *cough cough* Did I feel bad skipping class? Yes. Was I paranoid that someone would catch me? All day.. Do I regret it? No, because I went to a concert of one of my favourite bands with a close friend of mine

gotten a tattoo? Not yet. But I have this short list of tattoos I want to get done and where I want them and I’m totally getting them. Not yet, but definitely some time in my future.

drank? Well, I do go out for drinks occasionally with friends. More like rarely because that happens maybe every 2-3 months. But when I am out I never overdo it, I will be tipsy and laugh at everything – literally everything – but that’s it.

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How is 2017 going so far? // Also I’m back

How are you all doing?

After being gone for over two weeks I’m so glad to be back again. I’m slowly adapting to my blogging schedule so please bear with me.

Since it’s March now, why don’t we check up on my Goals for 2017? How has it been going for me?


#1 More time for blogging + #2 So much to read – Working on that one

Well .. I’m not doing very good on that. I had planned to only go on Hiatus until I had passed my oral exam. But instead I just took the following weeks off as well, because if I’m already on a Hiatus I could just focus on myself for the rest of the month and not worry about anything else. Anyway March just started and I’m back 🙂

#3 Love myself more – I’m on a good way

This has been going surprisingly good this far. I have been enjoying myself a lot so far. Doing what makes me feel good, spending quality time with friends. I even went to WWELive in Germany. I can’t wait for the rest of the year.

#4 I’m finishing training – ACCOMPLISHED

Earlier this months – or at the beginning of February if I post this in March – I finished training by passing my oral exam. Being able to work at a bookshop was a dream come true and gosh I can’t believe it’s already over.

#5 Let’s move out – Almost there

A few months from now I’m going to move to the UK for a year. I can’t wait to discover more of this incredible city and even more about myself. To be honest, I’m scared about moving away so far, but this is going to be an important journey for me.

But enough about me, do you have goals for 2017? How are your goals going?

It’s time for some holidays // Places I’d love to visit



That’s pretty obvious isn’t it? But who wouldn’t want to visit Hogwarts at least once – or just move there completely – after reading the Harry Potter series? A never ending supply of food. Cosy common rooms. And a freaking huge library. That’s more than I could ever aks for.

The Shire

There are two places I wanted to be at when I was reading Lord of the rings. One was the Shire. Mainly because I’m at least half hobbit. But also because the landscape is absolutely beautiful.


And the other place is Rivendell. This place .. is stunning. I’d love to take a walk around these halls, wander through the libraries and listen to the elves play music.

Howl’s Castle

Howl’s Castle is my second favourite castle ever. I wanna explore all the secret of the many many rooms in there and explore the world behind the magical door. Continue reading “It’s time for some holidays // Places I’d love to visit”

Hey everyone!

I feel so sorry for being absent for such a long time. There have been quite a few things going in my life that made me pause the blog for a while. But I’m gonna be back soon.

Round 2 of our Youth Reading Tips

The first big thing that happened was our Round 2 of an event I organized with three of my fellow trainees. Tho all of the others have been on vacation the weeks before I had been left with getting everything done.

But I’ve made it and on the 12th November it was time for Round 2. And this time was so much more fun than last time. The kids have been so responsive and stayed around for a little longer to get to know more about the books we’ve presented, even though it had been a little late.

I’m only a bit sad because this was my last time participating..

My finals are tomorrow

Aaaand that brings me to the second big thing that is happening. I’m writing the second part of my finals tomorrow and spent the last weeks studying for it. I even went back to Frankfurt for the past weekend to meet a friend who’s also having her finals tomorrow.

Despite all the studying I’m so nervous. This will make 70% of my grade for the written part and I need to score a good grade.. Wish me luck?

See you guys soon!

xoxo Jasmin

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