Meet some of my favourites pt. 2

Last month three of my colleagues and I have been organizing Part 2 of an event called Live Reading Tips – Youth Special. We had started this a few months ago because we thought it was finally time that we’d do this for kids and teens and not only for adults.

And earlier this month it was finally time for round two. Since another trainee joined us for this one we agreed on only 3 books per person. Being a little rule-breaker I of course decided I’d talk about two of my favourite series and one of my favourite authors.

Here are my choices 🙂

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Meet some of my favourites.

As some of you may have read, September 2nd was a special day for me. Two of my fellow colleagues and I had organized a little even where we would present some of our favourite books.

It was our first event of this kind so we were pretty nervous about it and worried for days if someone would even show up. And gosh were we lucky when a bit more than 10 teens were attending. It went a lot better than we could have hoped for and enjoyed it a lot.

For everyone who is interested, you can find a list of my 9 chosen books below the line.

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